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a drawn picture of Amelia Davis

Welcome to the Dead Hand Used Bookstore

To my awesome readers

Happy Monday! Page 21 is here.

YAY! new page :D. So I had this crazy thought recently... what if I kept a blog. Would that not be cool? Well I have my old blog Here and so I'm gunna start talking about stuff on my mind and such on that. I hope you drop by.

I got some fantastic fan art! This Pin-Up is from Michael Odom. He is the artist of Holliday Wars and you can also find him on deviantArt :D Thank you Michael! I will be putting up a fan art gallery (hopefully soon) so if you have any far art for the Dead Hand Used Bookstore, e-mail it on over to me at AmeliaD(dot)Draws at gmail(dot)com. For now all fan art will be showing up in the archives gallery :D.

I am still working on the t-shirts designs. I have looked and decided upon bonfirefunds to do my t-shirt fund raising, but now I need to figure out what limitations I have to work around with my graphics. Once I have those details down I'll be making two different t-shirt designs for people to vote on. More on that later!

If you would like to know more, or just drop in a friendly e-mail, you can e-mail me at ameliad.draws (at) gmail-dot-com.

Thank you for your support and for reading!


About the Dead Hand Used Bookstore

"The Dead Hand Used Bookstore" is a story about a little girl named Celeste who is orphaned and comes to live with the great half uncle she never knew she had in his apartment above his used bookstore. As she finds out the bookstore is rather mystirical, and there are many rumors about the store around the town. As Celeste discovers the secrets that lie behind the dead hand used bookstore she also discovers her own strength and independence.